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The Early Years Report Card Parent Guide describes the various components of your child's report card.

Safe Schools

The staff at the St. James-Assiniboia School Division are dedicated to making our schools a safe place for students. The Safe School information sheet illustrates some of the challenges faced by students today and present some of the techniques we are employing to help students feel safe in our schools and in the community.   

Be Web Aware

25032013_34322_0.pngWhat is "Be Web Aware"?

"Be Web Aware" is a national, bilingual public education program on Internet safety.  The objective of everyone involved in this project is to ensure young Canadians benefit from the Internet, while being safe and responsible in their online activities.

The goal of the "Be Web Aware" initiative is two-fold:

1.  Raise awareness amongst parents that there are safety issues when their children go online, and that they need to get involved.
2.  Provide practical information and tools that will equip parents to effectively manage Internet use in the home and to teach their kids to be Web savvy.

Athlone School Code of Behaviour

The staff and parents of Athlone School have worked together to produce a code of behaviour for students. Student behaviour and discipline at Athlone school are based on the premise that everyone has a right to come and learn and work in a safe and happy environment.

At Athlone, we have developed 5 school rules which are taught to all students and practiced throughout the year. Our 5 rules are:

1. If a teacher asks you to do something, you must do it.
2. Walk in the school.
3. Speak politely to others.
4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5. Students must be out for recess.

We believe...

Everyone has a right...
29072004_31320_0.bmpA right not to be hurt psychologically or physically

Everyone has a responsibility...
29072004_31320_0.bmpA responsibility not to hurt anyone psychologically or physically

Students will be responsible for:
29072004_31320_0.bmpRespecting the rights of others.
29072004_31320_0.bmpShowing respect for school property.
29072004_31320_0.bmpBeing responsible and organized.

General Rules Include:
29072004_31320_0.bmpPlay safely in your designated areas.
29072004_31320_0.bmpUse " inside " voices.
29072004_31320_0.bmpBe on time with all necessary supplies.
29072004_31320_0.bmpComplete homework.
29072004_31320_0.bmpUse appropriate language.
29072004_31320_0.bmpWalk in hallways on right hand side.
29072004_31320_0.bmpNo gum or seed chewing.
29072004_31320_0.bmpRemove hats upon entering the school.
29072004_31320_0.bmpLine-up quickly when the bell rings.
29072004_31320_0.bmpResolve conflicts appropriately.

Each teacher will develop specific rules for their classroom and discuss these with their students.

Consequences for students who do not follow the rules of the school include:

29072004_31320_0.bmpChance - Everyone makes mistakes
29072004_31320_0.bmpDetention / loss of privilege.
29072004_31320_0.bmpParent contact ( phone call / interview ).
29072004_31320_0.bmpIn school suspension and parent interview.
29072004_31320_0.bmpOut of school suspension with parent interview.

All students are individuals. Depending on the situation the Principal may at his discretion proceed directly to any of the above steps. Parents can help the school by supporting the efforts of staff and encouraging responsible behaviour by their children.


 Last Modified: 21 April,2017